Red Marlin


The Spell

Short comic

Iris the Gorgon


Mascot design project

Each year, the food equipment company TriMark hosts a trade show for their manufacturers and clients.  Each show has a different theme and a different mascot.  For 2020, the theme was “Growing Great Ideas”, focusing on the farm-to-table movement.  The task of designing the mascot fell to me.

Sadly, the convention was canceled two weeks prior to taking place due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but some of the promotional materials were still distributed.

Stelio Statue

Pixel art

Terraria is a game which involves mining and placing blocks throughout the world to create structures such as houses and bridges.  The blocks can be painted many different colors, allowing for one to create pixel art images if they so choose.  The player whom this statue was designed after can be seen in the lower left corner of the screenshot.